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Get More Revenue

With our approach it is absolutely possible to get more revenue from new customers, more revenue from new areas and more revenue from existing customers.

Get More Brand Recognition

Our services position your business as the dominant player in the market. Dominating the search engines elevated your brand and increases trust and credibility in your market.

Grow Your Market Share

Our strategies help you grow your business in the most profitable markets. We also help you target the most profitable products or services in your portfolio within your market. Grown your revenue, market share and profit margin simultaneously.

Earn a Better ROI

If your marketing centers around perishable strategies like flyers, door hangs and publications, we can help you earn a higher ROI on your marketing investment. Our SET is affordable yet robust enough to position well into the future.

What We Do

What’s Working Now

We're experts in what's working best today in SEO. We work with you to understand your goals so that we can apply our expertise to help you achieve your business goals and dreams.

We Partner With You

We're accessible via email and phone. We know that SEO can be very obscure and maybe a little intimidating so we take extra steps to keep our partnership strong for the length of the project.

We Keep You Informed

We use private reporting systems and tools to keep your informed of ranking updates, changes, industry news, algorithmic updates, potential opportunities and recommendations.

Cutting Edge

We're always testing and finding better ways to achieve stable rankings for our clients. We engage almost daily with other world-class SEOs to share strategies, news and to anticipate changes.

improving rankings with SEOAt Moving Up SEO we’ve earned a reputation as the best SEO company in Chula Vista for a reason.  We focus on delivering results for our clients and we stand behind our work.

We start by getting to know you and your  business.  Every business owner has unique goals for their business.  Do you have a unique niche market that you are targeting?  Do you have your sights set on a special part of town that you would love to dominate.  Do you want to launch a new product or service in the next few weeks and months and you want to get the word out ahead of time to increase demand?  Before we can prescribe a course of action, we must understand what you want to achieve.  We don’t work with everyone but if we do, it’s because our strategies are perfectly suited to help you achieve your goals through more targeted search engine optimization.

Once we have a solid understanding of your business goals we will run the math on your business and determine how much revenue you are forfeiting to your competition by not dominating the first page of the search engine results for your target market and service.  That’s right.  By not ranking in several spots on the first page of Google, you are giving away money to the competition.  We work to make sure that your business is ranked in its proper top position for Chula Vista or San Diego area searches.

When you entrust us to help you grow your business, we will use the most up-to-date strategies to help you dominate the first page of the major search engines and edge out as much of the competition as possible.  This positions you and your business as the leader in the industry and ensures that you will get increased market share, market exposure, and the opportunity to convert more calls into revenue.

Whether you are interested in focusing on the local Chula Vista area or you intend to branch out into surrounding areas, San Diego or Southern California, we can help.  Our techniques can help you grow into several areas simultaneously and to help expand your product or service offerings.  When you see what we can do, the glass ceiling is removed from your business plan.

We realize that working with other so-called  SEO experts in Chula Vista in the past could have been intimidating and perhaps you didn’t receive the results that you were expecting or promised.  Perhaps you were even kept in the dark about what was happening or fed crazy illogical explanations for a lack of results.  We’ve structured our agency to ensure that doesn’t happen.  We keep every client informed through monthly reporting. We provide updates about algorithmic updates and news that may impact our work or your rankings.  We are available real-time via phone or email.  We don’t need to hide because we deliver.

Full Service SEO Agency

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services are geared to dominate not only the first position but several spots on the first page so that your business is assured a steady flow of new customers.

Web Design Service and Optimization

We offer redesign of existing sites but we specialize in designing and building sleek, mobile friendly sites that convert clicks into calls for your business.

Internet Marketing

Our services also include strategies to link social media, email, website content and other website properties to your business for maximum exposure and more customers.

How to Get Started and What to Expect