Is Your Google Business Listing Vulnerable?

If your Google My Business Listing has not been properly claimed and is not being monitored and managed, your brand is vulnerable to “identity theft”, misuse or improper use.

Not Sure What A Google Business Listing Is?

There is so much to keep up with and you are busy running your business. It's not your fault that you don't know what it is or how to make the most of it.  That is why we're here.

Not Sure How the Listing was Created?

If you weren't there at the very beginning, you probably have no idea who created the listing or how to access it.  We can help you gain control of your businesses information.

Has it Already Been Claimed By An Unauthorized Party?

People claim listings so they can alter them or cause embarrassment for a competitor.  Disgruntled employees or customers can be spiteful.   Call for help to protect your listings.

Need Help Getting Ownership of Your Business Listing?

We have a simple process to help you claim your Business Listing.  We can also teach you to make the most of it in your local community and how to use it attract more business.

Our 5 Step Process


  • We will walk you through the process to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.
  • We do not ask for our credentials or passwords. 
  • You are in total control of the process.  We serve as a guide to help you avoid costly mistakes, both in terms of resources and time.
  • We educate you as we go along.
  • Gain ownership to your properties in less than 24 hours most of the time.
Entity Protection Process

What does a proper GMB look like?

A proper Google My Business listing has your correct business address, phone number, and website.

It should be complete with hours of operation, description, and services.

It should be owned and controlled by your business.


Risks of Unclaimed GMB Listings

These days, we all know how important it is to have an online presence that correctly represents our brand and the experience that we strive to provide to our customers.  Most people also know that increased online presence may mean increased online vulnerability.  Google is a major part of every business online success and it is critical that every business owner and make the most of their listings. Without proper control of your businesses listings, your brand can be hijacked by people with bad intentions.  Some of the risks of not having control of your listings include:

Editing Information with Bogus Data

Someone can suggest edits to the listings.  They might provide erroneous information in order to confuse your customers, to steal a business or to just introduce chaos into the system.  Once the data like an address or phone number is compromised, they can do even more damage.

Business Closure

Once information has been altered on the listing, someone can then claim the listing and then they would have absolute control over the information on the profile.  They could change the hours, description, upload misleading photos or even mark the business as permanently closed.  It could be weeks or months before you are able to track down the cause of the business decline. Without control of your business listings over the internet, your business is vulnerable to a growing type of “business identity theft.”

Redirecting Customers

In the industry, we see competitors claim listings to increase their market share.  They may direct customers to their address or phone number.  This is not a good business practice is discovered, but some are will in to take the chance.

Damaging Your Online Reputation

Can you imagine the damage that someone could do to your brand by responding improperly to reviews online? Using foul language, sarcasm or even slurs and demeaning language in reviews could cause a lot of negative publicity for your business.  Make sure that you prevent that by owning your listing and being vigilant over their content.

Benefits of Controlling Your Business Listings

Consistent Brand Identity

It is important that whenever a customer interacts with your brand, they should have a positive consistent experience.  Customers need to know that they can count on your business to deliver.  As marketing professionals, we take the whole big picture into consideration. We understand that building a solid foundation on the largest search engine in the world is critical.  But people will find your business in many places online and you want to control your brand image in those places as well.

Quicker and More Superior Access

Nowadays, just about every mobile device has Internet access. Giving customers swift and easy access to your correct contact details during their time of need is an immense benefit. This allows them to easily discover what you do and what you have to offer. Don't let anyone take this valuable chance from you.

Protect Your Brand Reputation

One important but often overlooked aspect of your online reputation is the ability to reply to reviews online.  Ownership of the listings allows you to be notified when reviews are submitted and ownership allows you the opportunity to reply professionally and promptly.  Can you imagine the damage that someone could do to your brand by responding improperly to reviews online?

Our Entity Protection™ Services

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Why Trust MovingUpSEO to Help?

  • Because we understand the dynamic world of Google and search engine optimization, we incorporate the best in class knowledge into helping you manage your website, brand, and listings.
  • We believe in helping local business and we have helped business owners all over the world.
  • We're an accredited member of the local BBB and several other local organizations.

What Do Some of Our Previous Customers Say?

We treat every business as if it is our own.  We understand how much work it is to build a solid reputation and we know how important it is to maintain it.  Our clients and business partners recognize our commitment to their success in their reviews.
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